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  • Léo Chupin

Playlist Portfolio 2019

Here's a little retrospective playlist of the year 2019: My first year of internships and working as an assistant and sound engineer. I made a small selection from the tracks that are available on Spotify so far.

I had the chance this year to meet and work for great artists: Calogero, Thomas Dutronc, Sanseverino, Liane Folly, Ninnie Garcia, Tinderstick, Saint DX, Nilusi, Yakir Arbib, Francois Staal, Helene Breshand, Nusky and so many others! I'm not even talking about the many talented sound engineers and studio musicians who taught me so much!

Saint DX - Prince Is Dead (Stagiaire) Nilusi - Au-Delà (Ingénieur Prise de son voix) Maëlle - L’effet De Masse (Assistant Prise de Son Piano) Yakir Arbib - Cherokee (Assistant) Marie Carrié - The Nearess Of You (Stagiaire) Blue Tangerine - Kaiat (Assistant) Ninine Garcia feat Sanseverino - Shougar baby Love (Assistant) Ninine Garcia feat Yvan Le Bolloc’h - Nuage (Assistant) PWT - L’essenciel (Ingénieur prise de son batteries) Paris Kinshassa Express - Pygmée Jam (Ingénieur prise de son batteries, percu et basse) François Staal - Passants Nous Sommes (Assistant) Kim Bingham - Beppe Green (Assistant)

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