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The production, also known as artistic direction, is an essential aspect of the musical production. Although it is sometimes overlooked, it makes all the difference between amateur and professional projects.

In short, it is an artistic, technical and operational support.

It is a collaboration, a trust-based work: I become the guardian of your artistic vision, I support you on your project, I enable you to have some distance with your music, I provide you with a mental relief and I advise you for the choices related to the development of the project.

The objective is that you can focus on your music.


I have a focus on performances, intention, meaning, emotions and sensitivity. I am looking for direct, raw ,intimate, powerful and organic performances.

Find examples of projects on my blog.



Defining your project

What sound are you looking for? What do you want to accomplish? I work with you to define your musical project and become the keeper of your artistic vision. Of course, all projects are bound to evolve, but this allows you to stay focused and not get lost. It takes the mental load off your shoulders to free your creativity.


Pre -production

Rather than rushing to the studio we take the time to work on the music with the musicians beforehand. This is the most important and the most determining part. This is where most of the work is done. This part includes rehearsals, work sessions and meetings: we work on the songs (arrangements, structures, performance, intention etc.), reflect on the project, organization, preparation for the recording and recording of demos if necessary. 


Pre -recording

Before the recording I translate the artistic directions to define the sound of the project. The way of recording the most appropriate for the project : modern, vintage, lo-fi, etc. As well as which microphones, equipment, placement will be the most relevant to reach our sonic targets.



During the recording I am the gatekeeper of your performance and of your artistic vison: it is not easy for musicians to be  in the musical performance, and at the same time, to have a global view on the project and making objective decisions on the performance of the other musicians.

I am a pair of outside and critical ears that conduct the sessions. The goal is once again for your music to reach its peak. I usually do the recording work but this part of the job can be delegated to another sound engineer. 



We do all the edits, editing and comp' together.

In general, I mix the projects I produce, but whatever happens, I accompany you in the choice of a mixing engineer (if needed) and mastering, then from the artwork to the online release.


Budget management

Nowadays, with the rise of freelancers, this administrative part is less present, nevertheless I always have in heart to help the musicians in the planning of their studio sessions.
In short,
I help you to make decisions, to be organized, to make artistic choices, to ask yourself the right questions, to take a step back and to be ready on the D-day to focus on your music to bring it to its peak!

Chaque projet est différent. Les tarifs et les pourcentages sont sur devis.


Always down to talk about music!

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