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The mixing is a decisive step in the musical production. The sound is shaped, polished and enhanced.

It is a goldsmith's work with as goal, the highlighting and the revelation of your music.
When the mix is finished, the emotion is revealed.

I work on Pro Tools with the best plugins available : Universal Audio, Acustica Audio, Pluggins Alliance, FabFilter, Sound toys, Izotop, Melodyn, Softube, Arturia, Native, Waves, Slate, Toon Track, etc.

mixage musique leo chupin
mixage mastering paris léo chupin

The objective is of course artistic: to reveal your music, to magnify it and make it unforgettable.

But it's also technical: to bring the music at the right level, with an optimal spectral balance, an ideal transportability (so that it sounds good everywhere: in headphones, in mono, etc.) and especially a constant  listening pleasure.

During the mix, I put myself at the service of your vision. I like to work on acoustic spaces, depth and immersion in the sound and also make bold choices to make your music stand out, but I always do it to serve your vision.


Mixing is always preceded by a telephone meeting, face to face or by email so that I can understand your expectations and explain how to prepare your sessions before the mix.


What kind of mix do you need?

Single Mix

The tier price for a mix is 200€ TTC.

This corresponds to a usual full multitrack, with multimic instruments (drums, pianos),  overdubs of guitars, synths, etc.

In case of additional work (hundreds of tracks, excessive cleaning, etc.) I could propose you an additional participation from 50€ TTC per piece.

For a "minimalist" piece (with less than 5 tracks) such as guitar-voice or piano-voice the rate is 100€ TTC.

I also propose an option mastering for 50€ TTC.

Single Mix

For an EP of five tracks, the price is 800€ TTC, but can vary according to different criteria (as seen previously). For an album of ten tracks, count 1 500€ TTC.

For a "minimalist" EP, count 400€ TTC and 750€ TTC for an album.

For Mastering or Stereo Mixing the price is 200€ TTC for an EP, and 500€ TTC for an album.

These prices are indicative and can change (up or down) depending on the project.

Single Mix

For a mix for a stereo track (piano solo, recording from a couple of microphones...) requiring little or no automation, the rate is 50€ TTC.

For mastering, the price is also 50€ TTC.

Single Mix

The rate depends on the quality of the recording (does it need to be rescued?) and the workload (edits, number of tracks, sound effects, etc.).


Count between 100 - 300€ TTC for a 45 minutes podcast.

Single Mix

The price depends on the quality of the recordings, the destination, the length of the video and the workload.


On estimate, between 50€ TTC for less than one minute to 1 000€ TTC and more for a feature film.


Always down to talk about music!

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