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  • Léo Chupin

Mix Tape Vol.1 : Ride In '89

March 2015, here is my first mixtape, or compilation. A musical time capsule that transports us to the dawn of the 90s in an American cinematographic landscape that is perfect for the most chill of road trip.

"A journey in the past, thru the desert, across America…. A love story about growin in life...

Perfect for a road trip, or to slowly drifting in your thoughts, dreamin' about mother road...

Slow Pop/Rock/Blues songs... with some little surprises..."

"I take some liberty with the Mix tape’s Name. For me those songs, spreadin over a 10 years era (1986-1996) have in common a specific feeling : the end of an epoch and the begining of another story… Like the end of the 80s regard to the promises of the 90s.

Hope you like it!"

In listening "mounted" on mixcloud with beautiful transitions and nice atmospheres.

And on Spotify but without the transitions nor the rarest tracks.

The compilations and soundtracks CDs that abounded in the 90s and 2000s are my main inspiration for my mixtapes. A collection of more or less known hits which put together create a unique and magical atmosphere: a portal to another world!

1-Hans Zimmer - Thunderbird 2-Chaser - Big Black Sky 3-Chris Isaak - Lie To Me 4-Ivan Neville - Why Can’t I Find In Love? 5-Ry Cooder - He Made A Woman Out Of Me 6-Ry Cooder - Feelin Bad Blues 7-Dead Family - Mirror 8-Sam Brown - Stop 9-John Waite - In Dreams 10-Alannah Myles - Black Velvet 11-Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas 12-Chris Isaak - Kings Of The Highway 13-Tom Cochrane - Life Is A Highway

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