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Mixtape De Confinement #3 : Born An Old Soul

Here is the follow-up of the mixtape "Born An Old Man" but in a Soul version !

With "Born An Old Man" I had illustrated the career of 4 american blusemens who knew the success in the 90's at an age where others are retiring. Here is the same story, a female singer and two soul singers who found success late in theirs life in the 2000's.

These 3 artists have worked at one time or another with the label Daptone records: A New York label specialized in old school recordings and production: old vintage equipment, no computer and everything on tape. So we have an old school soul in the heart but resolutely modern in the attitude! It's not about retrograde old stuff but rather energetic, intense and uncompromising soul music.

I let you discover them and go listen to all their discography!

It's never too late to become a star!

Sharon Jones - Better things to do

Lee Fields - In the Woods

Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming

Sharon Jones - Natural Born Lover

Lee Fields - Honey Dove

Charles Bradley - I Believe In Your Love

Sharon Jones - Be Easy

Lee Fields - I Still Got It

Charles Bradley - Victim of Love

Sharon Jones - All Over Again

Lee Fields - Wish You Were Here

Charles Bradley - Lovin' You, Baby

Enjoy !

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