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Every song in its place

"I can't stand great songs livin by themselves, alone and desperate."

Some of my first musical favorites come from compilations or original film soundtracks.  I assembled my first mixtapes on cassettes in college then on CD burned in high school.

I started "Sweet Daily Sound Inside" in 2015 from a lack: all these songs that have the same essence, separated at birth, finally come together on a single linear and coherent compilation!

A compilation, a mixtape (not to be confused with hip hop mixtape) or an original tape is an artistic creation in its own right: whether it is to create an atmosphere, tell a story, illustrate a film, declare your feelings or make discover new sounds ... By placing a song in a context, we give it a new identity, a new role and it expresses itself differently. Can we imagine Misirlou in any other way than in the credits of Pulp Fiction?

I try to create unique and perfect mixes with great transitions and where each song is a hit and finds its perfect place in the mix!

Each mix has a beginning, an end and tells a story. Nothing is done at random!

All mixes are available on Mixcloud and Spotify .

On mixcloud I post the complete mix with transitions of sound effects, atmospheres.

On Spotify just the songs in order (Not all songs are always available).

Follow the news of Sweet Daily Sound inside on Facebook or on my blog .

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