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Abbey Road Institute session #3 : Valérie Marienval/Karine Huet

It was during a cool November morning that we recorded Valerie Marienval accompanied by Karine Huet.

We recorded a total of 3 songs with two AKG C414EB for the accordion and a Neumann U47 for the voice. We also recorded "a room" with two Neumann U87.

A few months later I remixed the songs. So we have video versions with the V1 mix and audio versions with the V2 mix.


Naquela Mesa - vidéo

Ronda - vidéo


Naquela Mesa

O Bonde do Dom


Pre-amp : SSL 9000K

Recording : Léo Chupin, Issidor Matic et Lucas Marchetti Mix « in the box » on protools : Léo Chupin

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